ANSI outdoor current-limiting fuse COL

Outdoor current limiting capacitor fuse

Product description

Fuse links type COL are outdoor current limiting capacitor fuses, they exist in voltage classes of 2.8, 5.5, 8.3, 15.5 and 23 kV, 8-80 A.


  • Ability to interrupt inductively limited faults
  • Reduces fuse replacement cost to the price of a NEMA type K fuse link when low current interruption occurs
  • Significantly reduces maximum expected value of short circuit currents that increase isolation life time

Key features

  • COL fuses exist in voltage classes of 2.8 kV, 5.5 kV, 8.3 kV, 15.5 kV and 23 kV
  • Full range current limiting capacitor fuse, indicating and disconnecting
  • Outdoor use only
  • Maximum 60 Hz Inductive current Interrupting up to 90 kA RMS sym.
  • Maximum parallel capacitor discharge energy rating  up to 88 kJoule
  • The COL capacitor fuse must be used with an ejector spring

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