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ANSI outdoor expulsion fuse CXP

Outdoor expulsion capacitor fuse

Product description

The primary application of CXP is to fuse individual capacitor units in standard outdoor equipment, 8 kV, 15/20 kV and 25 kV, 100 A.


  • Ability to disconnect a failed capacitor unit from the circuit
  • Small dimensions support both application and storage
  • Reliable operation guaranteed by proven design

Key features

  • CXP fuses exist in voltage classes of 8 kV, 15/20 kV, and 25 kV
  • 100A expulsion fuse type
  • Outdoor use only
  • Applicable to banks with 20,000 Joules of parallel energy or less, this is equivalent to 6000 KVAR
  • The CXP capacitor fuse must be used with an ejector spring

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