ANSI/IEC three-phase recloser GridShield®

Ready today for the grid of tomorrow

The ABB GridShield® recloser offering is a flexible solution that minimizes operation and maintenance costs through extensive research and testing for optimal outdoor performance. Highly reliable and technically adept, whether performing three- or single-phase tripping or connecting distributed generation to the grid, the GridShield® recloser is ready for any challenge and geared to support the different needs of the grid of tomorrow. 

With a modular high voltage design available in a single tank or individual tanks, ABB reclosers are suitable for various applications, including feeder protection, loop control, etc. and allow full flexibility of use and superior results in fault detection isolation and restoration.

Integrating the ABB solution in the grid is quick and easy as it can be paired with multiple recloser controllers such as the ABB, SEL, and Beckwith controllers to support consistency in the existing relay installed base and eliminate any additional training need. 

Key benefits

Increased reliability

in even the harshest environment

GridShield® provides unparalleled performance even in heavily polluted areas as the Hydrophobic Cycloaliphatic Epoxy (HCEP) material of the poles provides the best insulation for the outdoor performance, shedding water and reducing the probability of flashover. State of the art ABB vacuum interrupters and magnetic actuators with the highest reliability on the market increase life expectancy, and a standard stainless steel enclosure reduces erosion and wear risks.
Decreased maintenance costs and downtime

do more better with less

Enable easier, faster and safer maintenance as all the electronics are in the low voltage unit of the GridShield® preventing the need for a bucket truck to isolate potentials to service electronics. Maintenance and configuration time are reduced thanks to the simple and intuitive design of the controllers. Replacement of a pole in the triple-single phase unit (3SP) is a quick and easy on-site operation and does not require the full high voltage unit to be returned to the factory.

Easy integration

minimize installation labor

Site ready units of the GridShield® reclosers are available to minimize installation pre-work and speed up installation. ABB reclosers combined with the most widely used controllers on the market, enable seamless integration with minimal to no training required to optimize resources.

Key features

  • Best in class high voltage unit with no maintainable electronics
  • Three-phase or single-phase tripping capability, different designs for different applications
  • High creep distance and HCEP material for high pollution applications
  • Controller flexibility ABB, SEL, Beckwith
  • Full portfolio up to 38 kV, 16 kA solid dielectric
  • High-impedance fault detection available
  • Communication protocol flexibility: IEC 61850 native, Modbus and DNP or IEC 61850 and IEC 101/104
  • Monitoring and configuration via standard web browser

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