Interconnection protection for renewable and distributed generation

A better way of connecting to renewables

The integration of distributed energy sources into the grid continues to grow, and environmentally friendly, renewable options, such as wind and solar power, bio- and hydropower, are increasingly preferred. Large, traditional power plants are being replaced by solar and wind farms, changing the nature of the game in the grid. Forecasts suggest power systems will undergo a significant change due to fluctuations in power generation characteristic of renewable energy sources. Experiments with day-ahead wind forecasting in Europe have shown promising results, suggesting that successful integration of variable renewable energy sources on a larger scale is both realistic and achievable.

Interconnection protection keeps the distributed generation units connected
The increasing integration of renewables can cause severe instability in the power system if not managed properly, with power disturbances and interruptions as a result. Grid codes determine whether and when to disconnect distributed generation units to ensure a stable and reliable grid. ABB’s interconnection protection relays have been designed to comply with today’s grid codes. They continually supervise the distributed generation units and ensure they stay connected also during disturbances to maintain grid stability. The interconnection protection will also, without delay, detect whether disconnection remains the only option.

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