Life cycle management for protection relays

ABB’s products are designed for continuous evolution. We wish to protect our customers’ investments beyond the life cycles of the underlying platform products.

There are over 1.5 million ABB distribution protection relays of different ages in use in utilities and industries all over the world. ABB ensures full product support for the lifetime of its products, by offering a wide variety of globally available life cycle services.

Well maintained protection relays will serve their purpose – to protect both human lives and equipment as well as maximize the reliability of power supply – throughout their entire life cycle. Making use of the available life cycle services will support you in your efforts to secure and optimize your investments.

ABB’s life cycle services – full support throughout the entire product life cycle
All electronic devices are subject to wear and tear. Harsh environmental and physical conditions, such as varying temperature, humidity, pollution and interference, affect the aging of electronic components. The result is an increased risk of equipment malfunction after several years in service.

Our extensive life cycle services include a variety of services within training, customer support, maintenance and modernization. The comprehensive portfolio ensures safe, reliable and cost-effective protection solutions for every purpose, with predictable maintenance costs – optimal asset management in brief. Also our long-time experience and in-depth knowledge within the field of protection and control technology will remain continuously accessible, from start to finish, close to you, in your own language. 

Available material

In order to help you get more value from our application solutions we have gathered the most important material and offer it to you in the following categories.




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