Bus connection module RER 123

The interface unit between a device with an RS-232 connector and the fibre-optic bus

Not active product since 2016

The bus connection module is powered from the host device via the cable. The module converts incoming optical signals to RS-232 signals for the device and vice versa. Furthermore, the RER 123 has an echo function, which means that it sends the received signals forward and thus enables the connection of devices in a loop configuration. Note that the echo function is always on, so that when only one device is used, every message is echoed back to the sender. 


  • Interfacing unit between an RE500 device (with D-type connector) and a fibre-optic cable

Product benefits

  • Converts incoming optical signals from the bus to electrical RS-232 signals
  • Powered from the D-type connector

Product features

  • Can be used together with any RE_ 54_ device provided with a 9-pin D-type RS-232 connector
  • Support SPA, DNP 3.0, Modbus and IEC 60870-5-103 bus

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