Bus connection module SPA-ZC 22

The bus connection module acts as an interfacing unit between a SPACOM device and the fibre-optic SPA bus.

Not active product since 2022

The bus connection module SPA-ZC22 converts the optical signals of the SPA bus to RS 485, SPA (+5 V) or RS 232 signals and vice versa. The bus connection module is provided with a built-in power unit allowing the SPACOM device to be disconnected from the bus connection module, for instance, for service without interrupting the data communication over the optical loop.

SPA-ZC 22 is provided with one 9-pin D type subminiature connector for RS 485 or SPA connections, one 25-pin D type to order, two or five opto-connector couples for fibre-optical cables. The fibre-optical links can be based on glass fibre cables, plastic core cables or both types mixed.

The bus connection module is mounted in a suitable place in the apparatus cabinet and the connection cable of the module is plugged to the D-type connector on the rear panel of the SPACOM device. The bus connection module type SPA-ZC22 connects to any SPACOM device provided with a D-type connector. The bus connection module can also be connected to the master units, such as substation level units SACO 148D4 and SRIO 1000M, of the communication system.


  • The bus connection module SPAZC22 converts the optical signals of the SPA bus to RS 485, SPA (+5 V) or RS 232 signals

Product benefits

  • Easy mounting and installation
  • Connects the substation secondary devices to the fibre-optic SPA bus

Product features

  • High immunity to electrical and electromagnetic interference
  • Electrical-to-optical converter for the SPA bus

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