SPA-ZC 400 - Ethernet & IEC 61850 adapter

SPA-ZC 400 is a communication adapter, which provides Ethernet connectivity to REF 541/3/5, RET 541/3/5 and REM 543/5 protection and control devices.

Not active product since 2022

SPA-ZC 400 provides connectivity to IEC 61850, SPA TCP/IP and Modbus TCP/IP Ethernet based protocols and standards. In addition to IEC 61850, simultaneous dual port communication for SPA or LON® using plastic or glass fibre versions is available.


  • SPA-ZC 400 is used to connect RE_500 devices with the SPA protocol over the TCP/IP network using the same Ethernet link

Product benefits

  • Easy-to-use configuration tool for IEC 61850 data mapping

Product features

  • Disturbance recorder file upload via IEC 61850
  • Simultaneous dual port communication for LON® and SPA (Optional)
  • Different type of Ethernet connectors (LC, RJ 45)


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