LON/SPA gateway SPA-ZC 102

Not active product since 2009

The SPA-ZC 102 is a LON/SPA gateway module, which is provided with its own power supply. It operates in the same way as the SPA-ZC 100 module, but can also be used with a fibre-optic converter, for example, SPA-ZC 21.

The SPA-bus device to which this module is connected can be any protection relay, control module or alarm annunciator, which has an interface for the SPA bus (RS-485, RS-232 or logic/TTL interface). The SPA interface type is selected with the DIP switches located between the D9 connector and the fibre-optic connectors. The SPA-ZC 102 module contains a power supply and it is capable of supplying the SPA-ZC 21 converter.



  • Usage of glass fiber or plastic fiber optic communication

Product benefits

  • Usage of glass fiber or plastic fiber optic communication

Product features

  • LONWORKS ® connection module for devices including SPA-bus interface.
  • Polling of measured values, indications and events from SPA-bus slave modules to the local database.
  • Spontaneous sending of updated values, indications and events to LONWORKS devices.
  • Transparent transfer of settings and other parameter data messages in SPA-bus format.
  • Configuration/programming via LONWORKS interface.
  • SPA-bus interface using a 9-pin D-connector with RS-485, RS-232 or logic/TTL-level signalling, max. data transfer rate 19200 bits/s.
  • LONWORKS interface using glass or plastic fibre cables with a max. communication rate of 1.25 Mbits/s

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