Three-phase overcurrent relay SPAJ 131 C

Not active product since 2009

The overcurrent relay SPAJ 131 C is designed to be used for two-stage phase overcurrent protection of distribution feeders, large low-voltage motors, high-voltage motors, medium-sized and large generators and power transformers. The relay can be used both as main protection relay and back-up protection relay.

The relay has two protection stages: a low-set overcurrent stage I> and a high-set overcur-rent stage I>>. The low-set stage has a definite time or an inverse-time operation characteristic, while the high-set stage has a definite time characteristic only.

The overcurrent relay is provided with five output relays, four of which are freely configurable for the desired function. Two of the output relays have heavy-duty contacts capable of directly operating a circuit breaker. 


  • Single-phase, two-phase or three-phase overcurrent protection

Product benefits

  •  Protection for a variety of power distribution applications

Product features

  • Three-phase low-set phase overcurrent stage with definite time or inverse time characteristic
  • High-set phase overcurrent stage with definite time characteristic
  • Both overcurrent stages can be blocked by an external control signal
  • Serial interface for two-way data communication over fiber-optic bus between relay and substation and/or remote control systems
  • Continuous self-supervision of hardware and software, including auto-diagnostics

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