Voltage relay SPAU 330 C

Not active product since 2009

The voltage relay SPAU 330 C is intended for over- and undervoltage supervision of the busbar phase-to-phase voltage as well as for supervision of the residual voltage of the distribution network in your substation. When fully equipped, the relay also incorporates a digital disturbance recorder module. The relay can also be used in other applications requiring overvoltage or undervoltage protection/supervision, residual overvoltage supervision, or fault event recording e.g. for the protection of motors, capacitor banks, transformers, etc.


  • Overvoltage, undervoltage and residual voltage protection

Product benefits

  • Supervison of the busbar phase-to-phase voltage as well as protecting transformer, generator, motor and capacitor bank assets

Product features

  • Supervision and protection relay primarily used for supervision of substation busbar voltages
  • General-use voltage relay for applications requiring overvoltage or undervoltage supervision
  • Optional disturbance recorder module used for verifying the correct operation of the protection relay and for analyzing network operation quantities
  • Serial interface for two-way data communication with substation level equipment via fiber-optic bus
  • Continuous self-supervision of relay hardware and software with auto-diagnosis for enhanced system reliability and availability

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