Wireless controller REC603

The Wireless Controller REC603 is a compact, solution-based device for the remote control and monitoring of secondary substations, such as network disconnectors, load break switches and Ring Main Units (RMUs) in distribution networks

Not active product since 2016

REC603 enables the network control system (SCADA) to wirelessly monitor and control the field devices over the public communication infrastructure (IEC 60870-5-104/GPRS). The Wireless Controller REC603 utilizes the built-in GPRS for reliable and secure end-to-end communication providing remote monitoring and control of up to three objects. Additionally, the device supports IEC 60870-5-101 slave (including dial-up) to offer a solution to existing installations.


  • Wireless controllers for remote controlling and monitoring of secondary substations

Product benefits

  • The wireless controllers in distribution networks improves the quality of power distribution and
    dramatically reduces the outage time in affected areas

Product features

  • Highly reliable control and monitoring of one object
  • Overload protection of actuator motors
  • Built-in battery charger with advanced battery control: temperature compensated charging, battery condition monitoring and deep discharge protection
  • Heater control to limit effects of ambient temperature variations

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