Busbar protection

A busbar is a strip or bar of copper, brass or aluminum that conducts electricity within a switchboard, a substation or a battery bank. Its purpose is to conduct a substantial current of electricity.

ABB's busbar protection is designed for phase-segregated short-circuit protection, control, and supervision of single busbars. The busbar protection relay is intended for use in high-impedance-based applications within utility substations and industrial power systems. The relay can also be utilized in restricted earth-fault and residual earth-fault applications for the protection of generators, motors, transformers and reactors.


  • Phase-segregated short-circuit protection, control, and supervision of single busbars

Product benefits

  • Supervision, protection and control of busbars

Product features

  • High-impedance-based applications scheme
  • Phase-segregated short-circuit protection
  • Relay self-supervision prevents nasty surprises

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