Electromechanical Bistable Relay PSU

Contact multiplier relay with 6/14 double interruption contacts

The bistable relays are mainly used for remote and automatic controls where there is often a need for contactors which have two stable contact positions, even in the dead state.

The application of alternate control pulses to the coils cause the contacts to change from the one state to the other. If the supply is interrupted, the contacts remain in their previous position, even when the voltage is restored. The contacts are arranged symmetrically on both sides of relay coil and armature assembly in two stacks.  

PSU_ product range

  • PSU6nXBasic relay with 6 free contacts and without indicator mounted on one set of plug-in base
  • PSU14n2XBasic relay with 14 free contacts and with indicator mounted on two sets of plug-in base

Key benefits

  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Highly reliable
  • Visual Indication

Key features

  • Wide range of voltage and contact configuration
  • Visible flag strips during operate condition
  • Large diameter of terminals for external wiring on plug-in base terminals


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