Electromechanical master trip relays PQ_ series

High speed tripping relays for high as well as low burden applications

The PQ_ series relays are intended for the master trip applications in utility substations and industrial power systems, where a high degree of reliability and a high contact rating are stipulated with minimum internal consumption. Acting as instantaneous switching element, it provides galvanic separation and contact multiplication in tripping circuits of protective applications.

The relays are available in both low impedance as well as high impedance variants. The low burden type relay are generally used when initiating contact and master trip relay is in same cubicle. The high burden type relay is intended for applications where initiating contacts are coming from remote. The high burden provides immunity to capacitance discharge currents, which can result at the inception of an earth fault on battery wiring and immunity to subsequent leakage current.

PQ_ series product range

  • PQ8nCH2JMaster trip relay with 7 contacts, low burden
  • PQ5nCH2JMaster trip relay with 4 contacts, low burden
  • PQ8nC2JWMaster trip relay with 6 contacts, high burden

Key benefits

  • Compact and robust
  • Highly reliable
  • Visual indication

Key features

  • High speed operation
  • Wide range of voltage and contact configuration
  • Double interruption contacts
  • Suitable for both AC and DC auxiliary voltage for low burden models
  • Hand reset contact and trip indication

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