Circulating Current Relay IRXm

Static high speed restricted earth fault protection relay

The circulating current relay IRXm is mainly used for high-speed restricted earth fault protection of generators and transformer windings. For the selective detection of faults, current transformers in summation connection are employed with an external stabilizing resistor for high impedance method of measurement. The relay is provided with a band-pass filter which suppresses harmonics and DC components of the input current. The relay is suitable for current transformers with secondary rating of both 1A and 5A.

IRXm product range

  • Wide auxiliary voltage range as 24V/30V/ 48V/ 110-125V/ 220-250V DC
  • Fixed contact configuration 2NO+1NC

Key benefits

  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Fast operation
  • Visual indication

Key features

  • Draw-out type
  • Wide current setting range
  • Sensitive high-speed protection on internal faults
  • Operation largely immune to DC components and harmonics

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