Static Fuse failure relay UVT92m

Three phase fuse failure relay is intended for continuous monitoring of potential transformer fuses

The monitoring relay is used for continuous monitoring of fuses against blowing out or inadvertent removals and may cause incorrect tripping. The relay can also be used  for supervision of potential transformer fuses so as to give blocking signals to voltage operated protection schemes such as distance protection, under impedance and under voltage relays and also for alarming purpose in synchronizing circuits.

This high speed static relay can operate for single, two or three phase fuse failure in secondary circuit.

UVT92m product range

  • Rated voltage: 24V DC, 30V DC, 48V DC, 100V DC,220V DC, 250V DC
  • Contact configuration: 2C/O contacts

Key benefits

  • Fast operation
  • Highly reliable
  • Personnel as well as power system safety
  • Easy site installation and maintenance

Key features

  • No continuous drain on D.C. auxiliary supply
  • Sensitivity down to 2.5VA load on secondary
  • Hand reset LE D operation indication
  • Plug in socket design for terminals
  • Robust and light weight


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