Static Trip Circuit Supervision relay TCS

Continuous supervision of complete trip circuit independent of circuit breaker position

The supervision relay type TCS is intended for a continuous supervision of circuit breaker trip circuit and gives an alarm for loss of auxiliary supply, faults on the trip coil or its wires independent of the breaker position, faults on the breaker auxiliary contacts and faults in the supervision relay. The trip circuit supervision is a crucial requirements as its failure can cause disconnect of possible network fault and eventually have to be cleared by another upstream protection.

In normal condition, the indicator LE D glows green and output relays are in picked-up condition. In the event of a fault, the supervision relay operates (drops-off)after a delay of 0.6 sec and the indicator LED turns red.

TCS relay product range

  • Rated voltage: 24V DC, 30V DC, 48V DC, 100-125V AC/DC, 220-250V AC/DC
  • Contact configuration: 1NO+1NC+2C/O

Main benefits

  • Highly reliable
  • Personnel as well as power system safety
  • Easy site installation

Main features

  • Continuous supervision of trip circuit independent of the circuit breaker position
  • Galvanic isolation between auxiliary supply and supervision circuit
  • Delayed operation to avoid spurious signals during circuit breaker operation
  • Enables use in sensitive or high resistance circuits 
  • Extremely low burden on auxiliary source
  • Complete range of rated voltages either AC/DC

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