Test monitor panel TMS

The Type TMS Test and Monitor Panel is an optional, flush mounted unit for use with the standard GRC Ground Fault Relay System. TMS is a monitor panel with sensor test features.

Standard features include:
  1. A control power lamp to indicate the presence of control power to the relay system
  2. A ground fault operation Indicator which maintains indication even on loss of control power
  3. A test switch for performing an operational test on the GRC ground relay
  4. A No-trip switch to prevent the disconnect from tripping when the operational test is performed if continuity of service must be maintained
  5. A reset pushbutton to reset the target from orange to black.

An auxiliary output relay can be provided as an option for trip, remote alarm or other purposes. Its contacts are reset after a relay operation by the Reset button.

The Type TMS monitor is provided with the test circuits and current limiting resistors to inject a test current into the sensor test winding.

Why ABB?
  • Test current limit (3-5 A max)
  • Power transformer recommended minimum 250 VA
  • Monitor test and control circuit isolated, different sources possible
  • The optional trip or alarm contactors isolated, possible to connect to different circuits

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