Feeder protection and control

Feeder protection, or more exactly protection for overhead lines and cables, is the most commonly used type of protection. The protection has to ensure that the power grid continues to supply energy. In case of a fault, it must be prevented from spreading to healthy parts of the network. The relays also have to minimize damage to the cables and other connected equipment and to ensure safety for everyone. 

ABB offers a large number of feeder protection relays. There are several multi-functional protection relays for different application ranges. Among the protection relays there are some used for general feeder protection (protection against over-current) and as back-up protection. There are also more specialized relays, for example, for line differential protection.


  • Relays for different application ranges for overhead lines and cable feeders in distribution networks.

Product benefits

  • Range from simple protection relays used as back-up protection to specialized relays
  • Relays for both well-established proven technologies and for modern technology

Product features

  • Optional arc detection in 615 series, 620 series and REX640 relays

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