Distribution Protection Unit - DPU2000R

The Distribution Protection Unit 2000R is an advanced microprocessor-based distribution unit for protecting electrical distribution systems.

The DPU2000R relay is the most advanced unit of the field proven DPU family of protection. Specifically designed for electrical distribution and sub-transmission line systems. The DPU2000R offers unique protective, monitoring, metering, programmable control, and communications features for expanding the capability of your protection systems. The DPU2000R offers phase and ground instantaneous and time overcurrent protection; negative-sequence overcurrent protection; under/over single and three phase and ground, as well as negative sequence over voltage control and alarm; multi-shot reclosing; and over/under frequency protection for load-shedding application.

The latest feature to be added to the DPU2000R relay is a four zone phase distance protection function with two forward and two reverse reaching zones. This protection allows the relay to be used in sub-transmission line step distance protection as well as small rotating machinery applications. As with all of ABB’s distribution relays, the DPU2000R relay uses the Win ECP software program for communicating to a personal computer. Communication protocols include Modbus or DNP3.0. The accurate metering on the DPU2000R eliminates the need for separate meters.

Why ABB?

  • ANSI and IEC time overcurrent curves provide greater flexibility
  • Complete Multifunction Protection
  • Electrically Isolated Communications Ports provides superior remote communications
  • Simultaneous communications through front and rear ports via dedicated microprocessors
  • Protection is based on RMS or fundamental values
  • Multiple communications protocols

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