Power generator protection and control

Generators are designed to run at a high load factor for a large number of years and permit certain incidences of abnormal working conditions. The machine and its auxiliaries are supervised by monitoring devices to keep the incidences of abnormal working conditions down to a minimum. Despite the monitoring, electrical and mechanical faults may occur, and the generators must be provided with protective relays which, in case of a fault, quickly initiate a disconnection of the machine from the system and, if necessary, initiate a complete shutdown of the machine.

The generator protection system design takes into account the types of faults and abnormal operating conditions that could be present at the generating plant and provide means for detecting and acting upon these conditions. The extent of the protection system design is dependent on the size and relative value of the generating unit. Large critical units tend to have extensive protection systems with redundancy provided by having primary and back-up protective functions.

There are protection functions against phase faults, ground faults, loss of excitation (LOM), over- excitation, overvoltage, unbalanced currents, abnormal frequencies, motoring, dead machine energization, breaker failures and system faults.


  • Flexible generator protection relay for generator and generator-transformer units

Product benefits

  • Configurable functionality to meet specific requirements of different applications
  • Support for both single and double busbar substation layouts

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