Combined overcurrent and earth-fault relay SPAJ 320 C

Not active product since 2007

The combined overcurrent and earth-fault relay SPAJ 320 C is used for short-circuit protection, time overcurrent protection and residual earth-fault protection for radial overhead and cable feeders in solidly earthed or low-resistance earthed networks. The relay may also be used in a variety of other applications requiring phase overcurrent protection and/or residual earth-fault protection.


  • Combined overcurrent and earth-fault protection

Product benefits

  •  Protection for a variety of applications 

Product features

  • Three-phase low-set overcurrent protection with inverse time or definite time characteristic
  • Three-phase, high-set, instantaneous or definite time overcurrent protection
  • Non-directional, sensitive, definite time, residual current earth-fault protection
  • Non-directional, high-set, instantaneous or definite time, residual current earth-fault protection
  • Harmonics measuring module for blocking the earth-fault protection module
  • Control input for an incoming external blocking signal
  • Local man-machine communication via push-buttons and digital displays on the front panels of the relay modules
  • Serial interface for connecting the relay to higher-level data acquisition systems, local or remote control systems or other host systems via optical fibers
  • Local operation indication via LED indicators with memory function and via the digital display
  • Compact and robust mechanical design in an aluminium case to IP 54
  • Continuous self-supervision and auto-diagnostic fault indication to facilitate fault location and repair after detection of an internal relay fault
  • Powerful software support for parameterisation of the relay, for reading measured and recorded values, events, etc., and for storing readings
  • Member of the SPACOM product family and ABB’s Substation Automation system




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