Feeder protection relay SPAA 345 C

Not active product since 2007

The feeder protection relay SPAA 345 C is used for the protection of radial isolated neutral networks or networks earthed via a resistor or via an arc suppression coil with or without a parallel resistor. The feeder protection relay provides time overcurrent protection, short-circuit protection and phase discontinuity protection. Further, a wide choice of earth-fault protection functions is available, including directional and non-directional earth-fault protection, transient measuring and intermittent earth-fault protection, and residual overvoltage earth-fault protection. The feeder protection relay also includes a flexible multi-shot auto-reclose module fo three-phase auto-reclosing of circuit breakers.

The system reliability and availability is enhanced by a built-in circuit-breaker failure protection function, a circuit-breaker condition monitor and a sophisticated hardware and software self-supervision system. 


  • Selective short-circuit and earth-fault protection of radial isolated neutral networks, resonant earthed networks and partially earthed networks

Product benefits

  • Multi-functional protection functions

Product features

  • Three-phase overcurrent protection with three stages
  • Two-stage non-directional earth-fault protection and phase discontinuity protection
  • Transient measuring earth-fault protection
  • Intermittent earth-fault protection
  • Two-stage sensitive directional earth-fault protection
  • Two parallel measurements of neutral current: sensitive and normal
  • Four trip contacts for double-pole CB opening and double-pole CB closing
  • Continuous self-supervision and internal fault diagnosis

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