Feeder protection relay SPAA 348 C


Not active product since 2007

The feeder protection relay SPAA 348 C is used in applications requiring directional phase overcurrent, directional short-circuit and directional earth-fault protection. Typically, the relay is used for the overcurrent and earth-fault protection of infeeders and busbars in distribution substations provided with multiple infeeders supplied via power transformers from the same high-voltage busbar system.

The relays are also applied for the selective short-circuit and earth-fault protection of parallel multiple feeders between substations and for feeder protection in ring-type and meshed distribution networks.

Further, directional relays are used for the protection of radial feeders supplied with a small back-feed of energy from a generator in the consumer end of the feeder.


  • Directional phase overcurrent, directional short-circuit and directional earth-fault protection

Product benefits

  • Multi-functional protection functions

Product features

  • Directional overcurrent protection with three stages
  • Special memory circuit for maintaining the stability and reliability of the directional measurement at close three-phase faults 
  • Two-stage sensitive directional earth-fault protection
  • Four trip contacts for double-pole CB opening and double-pole CB closing
  • Continuous self-supervision and internal fault diagnosis

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