Fiber-optic LON Star Coupler RER 111

Enables various modules to be interconnected over the LON bus to form a communiation system

Not active product since 2012

RER 111 Unit

The LON Star Coupler, RER 111, is a device that enables various modules to be interconnected over the LON bus.

A LON bus is a communication system between multiple devices, which are using the LonWorks Network and its corresponding LonTalk Protocol.

The standard RER 111 unit includes:

  • optional single or double auxiliary power supply units with the input voltage range 110…240 VAC/DC or 24…60 VDC
  • input/output (I/O) card
  • mother board
  • 9 slots for option cards

Option cards
The following types of option cards are available:

  • Fiber-optic option card SFIBER-C- provides three fiber-optic transceiver pairs for interconnecting bay level devices, connecting two RER 111 units equipped with a fiber-optic option card, or the RER 111 unit and higher level devices, e.g. a MicroSCADA.
  • Option card SRS485-C- is used for connecting a device using the RS485 interface to the LonWorks network. This card also comprises a fiber-optic transceiver pair.
  • Serial LonTalk Adapter option card SLTA-C- provides the RS232 connectionfor connecting higher level devices (e.g. monitoring terminals, a PC, etc.) to the LonWorks network. It can also be used for interconnecting RER 111 units by using the fiber-optic transceiver pair. Physically the SLTA-C- option card provides an RS232 interface for the network.
  • Router option card SROUT-C- is used to connect devices with twisted pair (TP/XF-78 or TP/XF-1250) transceivers and/or fiber-optic transceiver pairs. It also provides a means for dividing an overall system into multiple subsystems.
  • Double connection option card SREDU-C- can be used for connecting devices together through double connections. It can be used for connecting two fiber-optic transceiver pairs to any device supporting double connection. The double connection option card allows a fault to occur in one fibre-optic connection, while still remaining able to receive and transmit data to a device.
  • Star Coupler LON Clock Master with RS232/TTL interface option card SLCM-C-and Star Coupler LON Clock Master with fiber-optic interface option card SLCMFO-C- to clock reference device used for performing time synchronization on LON. Depending on the type of the bay level device used and the accuracy required, there are five different time synchronization methods available.


  • The RER 111 unit provides a star connection point where other Lon devices can be connected. This is achieved by means of option cards, which are located in the nine slots available in the RER 111 unit. Each option card has a specific function within the LON bus system.

Product benefits

  • Enables a large variety of device and communication networks to be interconnected

Product features

  • Communication speed 1.25 Mbit/s
  • multiple communication media
  • Low maintenance
  • Multi-vendor equipment
  • Low support cost

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