Residual overvoltage relay SPAU 110 C

Not active product since 2009

The residual overvoltage relay SPAU 110 C is designed to be used for earth fault protection and supervision in isolated neutral, resistance earthed or reactance earthed networks. In resonant earthed networks, the relay start signal can be used to control the switching device of the neutral resistor. The protection relay can also be used for the earth fault protection of generators and motors and for the unbalance protection of capacitor banks. The protection relay forms an integrated protection scheme, including two-stage earth-fault protection and flexible trip and signal functions.


  • Residual overvoltage protection

Product benefits

  • Protecting generator, motor and capacitor bank assets

Product features

  • Definite-time residual overvoltage earth-fault protection and supervision
  • Two independent operation stages, e.g. one for signalling and the other for tripping
  • Freely selectable output relay functions
  • Serial interface for bus connection module and fibre-optic substation bus
  • Continuous self-supervision of relay hardware and software for enhanced system reliability and availability

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