Voltage relay SPAU 320 C

Not active product since 2009

The voltage relay SPAU 320 C is intended for over- and undervoltage supervision of the busbar phase-to-phase voltage as well as for supervision of the residual voltage of the distribution network in your substation. The relay can also be used in other applications requiring overvoltage or undervoltage protection/supervision and/or residual overvoltage supervision e.g. for protection of motors, capacitor banks, transformers, etc. 


  • Overvoltage, undervoltage and residual voltage protection

Product benefits

  • Supervising overvoltage and undervoltage of the substation busbar phase-to-phase voltage as well as protecting transformer, generator, motor and capacitor bank assets

Product features

  • Supervision and protection relay for monitoring the substation busbar voltage
  • General-use voltage relay for applications requiring overvoltage or undervoltage supervision
  • Flexible selection of appropriate operational features in various applications
  • Serial interface for two-way data communication with substation level equipment via fiber-optic bus
  • Continuous self-supervision of relay hardware and software with auto-diagnosis for enhanced system reliability and availability

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