Steel compact substation Mercury 16N

Type tested, ready to install non walk-in compact secondary substation (CSS) in metal enclosure, for 1600 kVA transformer, 6 panel 12 / 24 kV gas insulated switchgear.

The enclosure is divided into three compartments, one for the MV switchgear, LV switchboard and distribution transformer each. The weight of the CSS without electrical equipment is 2250 kg.

Dimensions (LxWxH)
Enclosure (6 degree roof): 2734 x 2434 x 2558 mm
Transformer compartment: 2180 x 1213 x 2239 mm

Max equipment

  • Transformer:
    1600 kVA hermetically sealed oil transformer
  • MV Equipment:
    6 panel SafePlus 12 / 24 kV
    MV transformer cables are as standard 25 mm2 Cu. If the Tee-off is with a vacuum circuit breaker 95 mm2 Al cables will be installed.
  • LV Equipment:
           20 x 400 A InLine fuse switches
           12 x 400 A Kabeldon fuse switches
    The LV cables for a 1600 kVA transformer are 4 x 300 mm2 per phase.

 Why ABB?

  • Type tested according to the latest IEC 62271-202 specifications
  • Internal arc fault Type AB tested at 20 kA, 1 second
  • No access to live parts
  • High level of safety for equipment and personnel
  • Ready to install unit complete with internal interconnections, wiring and earthing.

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