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Adaptative and flexible

Towards varying load flow and complex network

With UniGear Digital’s adaptiveness and flexibility, costs and efforts are saved from the following replacement or upgrading, as well as to avoid the related downtime.
The load varies over time, in relation to the development of cities, and plants. To ensure accurate measurement and reliable protection, replacement with new current transformers is the typical practice.
And to certain extent, optimizing the distribution network by upgrading or adding more feeders, becomes necessary for supplying future load.

How is it possible?

  • UniGear Digital takes full advantage of current and voltage sensors, successors of conventional instrument transformers.
  • Sensors without iron cores, have linear characteristic, so it can work with wide range of primary current. So unlike a conventional solution, no replacement will be needed in case of varying load.
  • UniGear Digital also takes full advantage of Relion®protection relays with IEC 61850 communication protocol With the implementation of IEC 61850-8-1 GOOSE and IEC 61850-9-2 Sampled Values, complicated hardwiring is significantly reduced and simplified. Therefore, the typical pain points along with the switchgear reconfiguration in a power system will be relieved.

Linear characteristic means that sensors are not affected by saturation and are able to measure accurately from very low primary currents up to very high short circuit currents. It is because they do not contain any iron core, therefore they have highly linear characteristic. A linear and highly accurate sensor characteristic in the full operating range enables the combination of metering and protection class in one winding.

GOOSE: Generic Object Oriented Substation Event is communication that is used to broadcast events to peer protection relays in a substation via a communication interface instead of via hard wiring. GOOSE automatically supervises these connections and can be modified without changing the wiring. Moreover, you do not need binary inputs and outputs to transfer data between protection relays and you can add or modify functionalities without changing the wiring.
Sampled Values: IEC 61850-9-2 Sampled Values defines the process bus that shares analog values over the Ethernet communication for protection purposes. One protection relay physically measures the analog value and shares it with other protection relays over the communication interface (instead of hard wiring). Process bus brings several benefits to your application, such as simplicity, flexibility, improved diagnostics and longer maintenance cycles.

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