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Creating one system for more efficient plant operations

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Industrial plants are complex constructs of products, systems and solutions. With the trend to optimize and develop highly efficient operations, a route planner or efficiency architect is the answer for the ideal and integrated plant setup. 

In the past, the electrical systems that provide the power for industrial processes have tended to exist in their own world. They were run from their own control rooms, separate from operating plants, and these rooms were staffed by engineers and technicians who were concerned only with what their drives and motors were doing, and whether they were providing enough power to keep the show on the road.

One system
These days, it’s recognized that things work better if they are integrated. The obvious benefit is that it’s easier to manage a single system. No matter how important the electrical side is, it’s still just another factor in the production process, and optimization algorithms can cope with it along with all the other raw materials to get the most output from the least input. In this way, asset management and information management can use the same database and present the results on the same screen.

The key technology that enables this integration is our 800xA distributed control system, which uses the IEC 61850 standard to communicate with electrical substations. This can align process and power to get the most product from every watt consumed. Effectiveness is maximized by using high-bandwidth fiber-optic cables rather than the copper wire usually fitted with electrical control systems, and smart-design templates can automatically configure intelligent electrical devices, which slashes the time and cost of installation.

Convergence of IT and OT 
Furthermore, the convergence of IT (information technology) such as enterprise software systems that manage the entire Metals support mechanism including equipment, maintenance, logistics, production and personnel and OT (operational technology) such as process logic controllers on machinery, will lead to more efficient plant operations. Our enterprise software portfolio helps industrial plants reach new levels of efficiency, reliability, safety and sustainability. We provide unmatched capabilities to integrate information technologies (IT) and operational technologies (OT) to provide the complete solutions to your business challenges. 

From one supplier
Another advantage is that if systems and technology are integrated, a single company can put them all together by acting as the main electrical and automation contractor. As these two functions are our core business, ABB is able to offer a turnkey service for both: that is, we will bring together our proven technology along with our experience of customizing it for the needs of an individual plant. This involves engineering, integrating and optimizing all the electrification, automation and infrastructure systems of a plant.

If ABB is engaged at an early stage in the project, it can select the best voltage, plan the optimal substation layout, and design the control architecture in such a way that the client has the lowest possible capital cost for the construction phase, and the lowest operational and maintenance cost thereafter. This approach has been proven over decades in the Metals sectors, and can be delivered as a turnkey contract with open books, thereby giving the client the confidence that it is going to get the best deal possible. 

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