Electromagnetic stabilizer for coating lines

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ABB's non-contact electromagnetic strip stabilizer offers a unique, ABB patented control concept which reduces vibrations and strip shape problems, enabling improved coating quality and reduced overcoating.

The EM Stabilizer uses electromagnetic force to stabilize the steel strip without actually coming into contact with the strip. When used on galvanizing lines, it minimizes vibrations and oscillations and ensures more efficient air knife operation, thereby allowing for improved coating control, reduced overcoating and even higher line speeds. When used in the tower of a galvanizing line or in other types of strip line for magnetic steel, vibration amplitude is reduced, thereby lowering the risk of collision between the strip and the surrounding structure. The EM Stabilizer system consists of three pairs of water-cooled electromagnets controlled by frequency converters. 

We offer a range of flexible and practical installation options making the EM Stabilizer available for both new and existing galvanizing lines and can be installed on the knife itself, on a rig or even on a platform for the hot gauge.

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