Drive condition monitoring in metals manufacturing

ABB Ability™ collaborative digital service that uses continuous data collection and analysis with on-site or remote access to monitor drive availability, condition, operating parameters and fault events. Remote experts with domain knowledge in metals manufacturing analyze drive performance data to identify, classify and prioritize improvement opportunities.

Rolling and processing lines demand high precision and high overload capability. A mill is subject to rapid change in load speeds, forcing equally quick generating and braking actions. This demands a constant torque for a wide range of speeds as well as large torque steps. Auxiliary motor applications such as fans, pumps and blast furnace blowers, controlled by variable speed drives, consume significantly less energy than fixed-speed motors. Metals and foundry customers worldwide rely on ABB drives to minimize downtime, enhance production safety, improve energy efficiency and increase productivity.

Even a minor fault can have a major effect on production. e.g. an crane drive that malfunctions or stops working can cause a ladle carying a heavy load of molten metal to get stuck in transit, posing a serious risk to plant employees, property as well as ongoing operations. 

We know metals manufacturing processes and we know drives. By combining these strengths we are able to offer accurate, real-time information on drive events, provide expert analyses and support; all of this to ensure that your equipment is available, reliable and easily maintained.

ABB's approach to drive condition monitoring

The drive condition monitoring service is accessed through the ABB Ability™ Collaborative Operations for metals service delivery platform - with data stored in-cloud or  on-premise at your plant. Data is visualized through a web-based user interface that is easily accessible by customer and ABB personnel.

This service continuously analyzes data and lets you set warning limits to substantially reduce the time and effort needed to troubleshoot potential problems. When you have the facts, you can make the right decisions.

  • More accurate troubleshooting with configurable KPI's
  • Simplified overview of data and analysis
  • Expert analysis helps detect potential problems
  • Critical notifications when it matters most


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