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Baoshan Iron & Steel Co Ltd

The BSSB Steckel Mill Hot Rolling Line

ABB’s scope of supply covers a broad range of electrical and automation technologies, including drive systems, basic automation and instruments.

Baosteel Group Corporation (Baosteel)

Baosteel Group Corporation (Baosteel) is the most competitive producers of iron and steel in China. Baoshan Iron & Steel Co Ltd Special Steel Branch (BSSB) is the subsidiary company of Baosteel. The company operates production in Shanghai with an annual capacity of around 12 million tons of iron and steel.

These facilities will process strips and plate made of special grades, such as titanium-based alloys and special stainless steels. BSSB ordered the power and automation system from ABB for the Steckel rolling mill project, as part of the firm’s production capacity expansion of special and stainless steel grades. 

ABB technical superiority

  • Complete hardware and software solution
  • State-of-the-art MV and LV drive control system with unique ABB DTC control philosophy
  • Advanced tandem hot rolling plate control and steckel mill control concept with powerful thickness and flatness control
  • Accurate Micro-Tracking and Precise Position Control
  • Dynamic Tension Control System
  • Reliable Material Tracking and Products Management System 

Control Function

  • Advanced HMI system: Production Display, Sequence
  • Supervision Display, Status and Alarm, Event List
  • Roughing Mil: Tracking, AGC, AWC, Tension Control, Ski-Up
  • Control, SSC Control, Roll Bending Control, Ghost Rolling
  • Steckel Mill: Material Tracking, AGC, AWC, Profile and
  • Flatness Control, Coiler Control, Ghost Rolling
  • Up Coiler: Laminar Cooling Control, Pinch Roll Gap Control,
  • Wrapper Roll Step, Coiler Control

What has been achieved?

ABB has designed and supplied the most advanced and market leading? ABB has coordinated with local manufacturers to select optimum motors for the drive systems. ABB Drive systems come with advanced RMD functions. ACS800 Multidrive solution was used throughout the plant.

AC800PEC as a high performance IEC1131 controller with special features for Rolling Mill Control such as integrated fast optical communication was used.  The Operator Interface 800xA has designed automatically and simplifies with a flexible navigation fast access to the information.

The ABB CPM software implemented in the mill control system (Level 2) enables access to the information center for all users as process operators, from service inspectors to planners and quality inspectors. Its high functionality supports all needs of material tracking, quality management, equipment monitoring, order management, and production reporting and statistics.



Main data


Baoshan Iron & Steel Co Ltd


Baosteel Special Steel Branch, China

Customer need: 

Reliable and accurate system for the process of strips and plate made of special grades


  • Electrical and automation system and carry out the plant design, project management, training, erection and commissioning


Steckel mill,  hot rolling line

Customer benefits:
  • Reliable material tracking and products management system
  • Ensuring precise motor control, improving the dynamic performance and lowering downtime
  • Improving operational efficiency and reduce maintenance costs
  • Powerful thickness and flatness control
Commissioning year: 2010

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