Control solution for hot annealing and pickling line

Higher availability and functionality with optimized RollxA solution

Fujian Fuxin Special Steel Co Ltd 

Located in Longchi industrial area in Fujian Province, Fuxin is a stainless steel plant complex, which includes steel-making, casting, hot-rolling and hot-annealing and pickling line. The company has specialized in ultra-pure ferritic stainless steel, high nitrogen and nitrogen-containing austenite stainless steel, super austenitic corrosion resistant stainless steel.


  • network and connection complexity due to the high degree of control needed in the systems at same time


  • challenge of low process know how and experience before commissioning the plant

Our solution  

With additional reduction mill, intermediate annealing process can be avoided for strip below certain target thickness for later single stand cold rolling, therefore a lot of time, energy can be saved with the help of in line reduction mill. The typical hot annealing and pickling line becomes more efficient to reach higher level of overall production process.

Thanks to the deep process know-how knowledge and professional engineering, project management, with proven solution from ABB Metals, the HAPL is one of the many successful deliveries from ABB. All the performance values (thickness deviation, off-gauge length, speed/tension control accuracy, availability etc.) met and most of them exceeded the contractual values. 


Main data


Fujian Fuxin Special Steel Co Ltd 


Longchi industry area, Fujian Province, China

Customer need: 

 Power and control systems for production  line management with 800,000 tons annual production rate and wide range of strip thicknesses from 2.0 mm to 10 mm.


  • Medium and low voltage drives & motor
  • 800xA automation platform with AC 800PEC controller
  • Advance Roll@xA solution
  • Detailed engineering and commissioning


Hot annealing and pickling line with one inline reduction rolling mill
Customer benefits:
  • Higher productivity
  • Increased product quality
  • Effective maintenance time
Commissioning year: 2013

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