Emirates Aluminium starts up

World's first fully integrated power distribution system from ABB

Dubai Aluminium Company DUBAL

Emirates Aluminium (EMAL), a joint venture between Abu Dhabi’s Mubadala Development Company and Dubai Aluminium Company DUBAL, has built a green field smelter at the Taweelah industrial zone close to Abu Dhabi. The world’s first fully integrated power distribution system from ABB sets new standards for green field smelter projects.

ABB technical superiority

  • Total integrated power distribution system and control system from the 220kV GIS substation to 400 VAC plant wide distribution for the power plant and the smelter. 
  • Integrated supervisory control and data acquisition system (Custom engineered SCADA solution)
  • ABB’s power quality system Switchsync™ for higher power quality performance
  • The 400/220kV step down transformer 350MVA to minimize inrush currents and prolong the equipment life time.
  • 400kV feeding GIS switchgear for the step-down transformer
  • ABB’s REC670 bay control unit to enable the plant wide interface with the SCADA system.

What has been achieved?

Power quality, optimized power conversion systems and well-engineered power plant interfaces are essential for the highest energy efficiency. The early optimization of the power system design applied in the project reduces the capital investment cost for the power plant and smelter substation as well as results in the most energy efficient aluminum production. 

In line with ABB’s enabled IndustrialIT (Industrial Information Technology), the overall system integration, maintenance simplification and after sales services has been optimized throughout the plant.With the full-scale level of integration the most cost effective operation and maintenance as well as spare parts management, has been achieved with EMAL’s advanced forward looking strategy. 

Main data


Dubai Aluminium Company, DUBAL


Aweelah industrial zone, Abu Dhabi

Customer need: 

Power Distribution system for the largest single site green field aluminum smelter with 1.4 million tons annual capacity


  • A fully integrated power distribution system


Aluminum Smelter

Customer benefits:
  • Higher power quality performance

  • Cost effective operation 

Commissioning year: 2009

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