JSW Steel Ltd, Vijayanagar Works, Torangallu, Karnataka, India

New state-of-the-art CRM complex

ABB has equipped the JSW cold rolling mill, the most modern CRM plant in the world at Bellary, with its latest technology.

JSW Steel Ltd.

JSW Steel Ltd is a major player with a capacity of 10 million tonnes per annum. It is India’s second largest steelmaker and boasts the most modern, eco-friendly steel plants with the latest technologies for both upstream and downstream processes. It is also one of the lowest cost steel producers in the world. 

 ABB scope of supply and services

The CRM plant is equipped with modern automation, drives and control systems. Power system and drives included:

  • ACS 6000 family of medium-voltage (MV) drives based on IGCT technology
  • ACS 800 family of low-voltage (LV) drives for the rest of the lines
  • MV switchgear system, LV distribution, UPS system

ABB equipped the plant with a fully integrated control system for mills including:

  • Level 1 controls based on System 800xA, which is a highly flexible and scalable ABB DCS
  • Auto-adaptive model for presetting of mill
  • Technological controls for delivering consistent product quality
  • Flatness measurement and control system based on ABB Stressometer for the CCM and SPM
  • Interactive human-system-interfaces via process operator stations
  • Control for media supplies
  • Level 2 consisting of production management and process control
  • Inspection system for the RCL consisting of online defect logging and reporting system
  • Field devices and sensors
  • Automatic sequences for optimized production and turnaround time


What has been achieved?

ABB has prepared the CRM with advanced drive and automation technology. The drives control is based on the patented Direct Torque Control or DTC concept, providing dynamic performance in terms of torque and speed accuracy. The high-torque accuracy and dynamics of the drives used in combination with mass-flow control leads to extremely fast correction times of process disturbances and exceptional maintenance of thickness quality.

ABB power system and drives consist of ACS 6000 family of medium-voltage drives based on IGCT technology, coupled with synchronous machines for accurate torque control for the compact cold mill. MV switchgear system, LV distribution, and UPS system were also supplied in this project.

ABB has standard software modules for rolling mills, consisting of total integration of automation functions based on ABB 800xA control system. ABB has also provided the level 1 and level 2 automation system to integrate the plant. Level 1 control system for mills is based on 800xA, which is a highly flexible and scalable ABB DCS solution and level 2 consists of production management and process control. 

In close collaboration with JSW Steel Ltd and other suppliers, ABB in India ensured a rapid plant start-up by supporting it with the advanced automation systems. Ensuring that the CRM plant was commissioned within a record period of 24 months, it has a capacity now  to produce 10 MT per year cold rolled coils. On average 350 coils are manufactured per day. The consistent cold rolled quality has enabled JSW to produce steel at a very competitive price catering for the automotive and process industries. 


Main data


JSW Steel Ltd.


Vijayanagar Works, Toranagallu, Karnataka

Customer need: 

  • State-of-the-art cold rolling mill complex


  • Power system and drives, a fully integrated control system


  • Continuous pickling line (CPL)
  • Compact cold mill (CCM)
  • Electrolytic cleaning line (ECL)
  • Skin pass mill (SPM)
  • Two recoiling lines cum tension leveling lines (RCL)
Customer benefits:
  • Improve yield and productivity of processing lines
  • Improved surface quality and finishing
  • Improved energy efficiency
  • High level of automation with least manual intervention for higher performance
  • Better roughness transfer reducing turnaround time
  • Accurate tension control, enhanced strip defect inspection to log surface defects
  • Production planning and management through modern MES system

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