Waste gases: how to optimize utilization of byproduct gases in iron and steelmaking

Improve waste gas utilization in metals production by monitoring generation and consumption across plant facilities in real-time

ABB AbilityData Analytics Platform for metals is the digital solution that monitors both the generation and consumption of byproduct gases across metals plants in real-time with the aim of improving utilization. 

Data is collected from multiple systems to compare allocation with actual consumption, provide real-time demand and supply calculations, balancing, benchmark and optimal distribution as well as forecasts based on production plans and historical data modeling.

Root cause analysis is also applied to the data whenever a gap occurs between supply and demand.

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  • Improve byproduct gas utilization by real-time monitoring of byproduct gas generation and consumption across plant facilities


  • Data collection from multiple systems related to byproduct gas
  • Comparison between allocated and actual gas consumption for each unit to improve gas utilization
  • Forecast of gas consumption based on production data and historical consumption data
  • Data analysis to find root cause of increased gap in supply and demand of utility and gas

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