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Metals Digital Value Workshop

We inspire customers and ABB teams with a new way of working through various in-person and virtual formats

We believe engaging early to clarify and understand your business priorities and challenges, enables you to experience how our digital portfolio of  ABB Ability™ solutions for metals industry can unlock value across the entire value chain. We then work together to develop and implement powerful solutions that deliver measurable added value for your business.

The first step is to examine and understand the current situation from a range of different perspectives in Digital Value Workshops. Ideas and requirements are outlined and further specified, tested and evaluated in follow-up meetings. ABB works with you to define follow-up plans as a deliverable of the Value Workshops. From initial idea all the way to concrete digital solution, we walk this path together as a team, hand in hand.

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We want to continuously innovate and improve how we help you with digitialization. Engage with digital and metals experts from ABB for an interactive value workshop tailored to the specific priorities and challenges of your company.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much time should I invest in the workshop?

Value Workshops range from unplanned visits lasting 1 to 4 hours, up to 5-day co-creation sprints - ABB Ability™ Customer Experience events. We will determine together the optimal engagement format and duration, based on your needs and availability.

What will be the output of a value workshop?

The output will depend on the engagement format and on the time invested. For the shortest formats, you will receive a summary of the concepts developed together, along with the relevant literature review, and a clear set of next steps if relevant. Longer formats lead to the development of solution prototypes that meet your challenges, as well as economic valuation of the expected impact on your business.

What next steps follow a value workshop?

ABB will work along with your organization to bring forward the solutions identified together at the workshop. ABB will partner with you to ensure the initiative’s success.

Why is ABB doing this?

ABB wants to engage you earlier in the process, in order to incorporate your needs and requirements in the solutions and products that we develop.

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