ABB Ability™ Advanced Process Control for metals

Achieve sintering and pelletizing process stability , improve quality and output, reduce costs by employing Model Predictive Control that acts as an 'autopilot'

After decades of providing ore processing, agglomeration, iron-making and steel-making control solutions we know your challenges. Now we have applied tried and trusted ABB Ability™ Advanced Process Control solution to the metals industry to deliver high-quality pellet and sinter products while keeping production costs low and plant efficiency high.

Based on proven ABB know-how and with a user-friendly interface our solutions with over 300 industrial references worldwide enable your operator to optimize your entire process — at the push of a button. ABB Ability™ Advanced Process Control for metals employs Model Predictive Control (MPC) to create digital twins of many key steel production processes, using process data to predict behavior over time. 

Acting as an ‘autopilot’, the solution drives the process towards more profitable operation via modeling and optimization techniques. It reduces the need for operators to continuously monitor and modify processes around the clock. Remote access support and KPI tracking by ABB expects ensure that the benefits are sustained over the life cycle of the plant.

Three powerful APC applications are currently available for metals customers aimed at optimizing performance of: 

  • Pellet plant indurating machine burners

  • Pellet plant dryer

  • Raw material grinding mills  

Reference use cases

Pellet plant indurating
machine burners

APC maintained the individual temperature profile, delivering a 15% reduction in standard deviation for the indurating machine temperature profile along the indurating machine burner zone, improving pellet quality and reducing burner fuel consumption by ensuring burn-out temperature is reached at the right location.

Pellet plant dryer

APC maintained the outlet temperature of the iron ore dryer at the desired setpoint despite intermittent disturbance in feed rate and process delays.

Raw material grinding

APC was installed on a grinding circuit that included a roller-press with static V-separator and single chamber ball mill, improving control performance with a 4% productivity increase, 3% energy savings and 60% reduction of returns standard deviation.

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