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Continuous casting real-time optimization

Produce cleaner steel, faster and at lower cost by digitalizing the continuous slab casting process

  • Monitor and visualize real-time mold data for defect detection, early warnings, mold flow prediction and much more with fiber-optic temperature measurements
  • Reduce defects - typically by 50%, reject ratio and downgrades - in some cases by 80% and allow for higher casting speed with FC Mold
  • Use advanced software to close the loop and achieve automated control and further optimization of the continuous casting process in real-time

Press release: New ABB Ability™ Optimold Control offers unrivalled, real time in-mold casting control

ABB Ability™ Optimold Monitor

Fiber-optic mold plate temperature measurement for continuous casting

  • Unparalleled spatial resolution with over 4000 fiber-optic measuring points per mold

FC Mold

Simultaneous stirring and braking in the mold from one fixed position

  • Elimination of mold powder entrapments, reduced crack formations and much more

Automated control and optimization of continuous casting process in real-time

  • Powerful analysis of casting conditions and flow patterns to regulate symmetry and flow speed

Complete system for process monitoring, measurement and optimization

When combined with an electromagnetic stirring / braking device such as the FC Mold , ABB Ability™ Optimold Monitor can deliver important insights that can be used to increase control of molten steel flows and significantly reduce inclusion defects for all casting conditions. The device’s high resolution mold temperature measurement data is used to calculate the meniscus level profile at any given moment. Meniscus speed, symmetry and steel flow stability can be fine-tuned as required and even managed online to achieve a more desirable flow pattern. The new ABB Ability™ Optimold Control for EMBR closes the loop in thin slab casting and opens up higher level of real-time, automatic, online process control and optimization.

Partner with ABB to accelerate your digital transformation journey

Why ABB?
  • Experienced provider OT and IT stack
  • Third party and legacy integration
  • Domain knowledge and cross industry knowledge
  • Efficient transformation projects, focus on ROI
  • New tools such as cloud, analytics
  • Development model with partners to jointly develop solutions

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