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ABB Ability™ Performance Optimization for steel melt shop

Boost overall productivity, safety and energy efficiency in steel manufacturing with a complete smart factory solution

  • Automatically generate and schedule crane jobs based on real-time visibility. Get pick up & drop location on the operator's screen.
  • Improve human safety by reducing exposure to hazardous hot metal zones and allowing for decision-making based on information dashboards.
  • Save energy and improve quality by predicting the ladle's thermal loss during transfer and calculating the right temperature to avoid excess overheating.
  • Improve service planning by tracking the history of ladle maintenance and contact with metal. Eliminate unnecessary maintenance that might expose personnel to safety risks.
  • Analyze reaction time to work orders and overall system effectiveness with reports and KPIs

Smart melt shop solution

Tracking engine
Ladle and crane tracking

Image processing for ladle identification, radars for crane positioning, laser-based identification for transfer cars and ladle maintenance history

Scheduling engine
Optimal work allocation

Forecasting of crane jobs, route planning, automatic crane scheduling and automatic acknowledgement of jobs

Thermal engine
Heat loss prediction

Prediction of heat loss during transfer and recommendations on super-heat requirements

Flexible solution with multiple configurations


  • Integrate additional zones, rules and cranes
  • Extend to features of crane system asset management

Partner with ABB to accelerate your digital transformation journey

Why ABB?
  • Experienced provider OT and IT stack
  • Third party and legacy integration
  • Domain knowledge and metals industry knowledge
  • Efficient transformation projects, focus on ROI
  • New tools such as cloud, analytics
  • Development model with partners to jointly develop solutions

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