ABB's True NEMA modular induction machine

The AMI 5800 meets NEMA electrical performance requirements and mechanical mounting standards while providing the energy-efficient operation, sustainable design and quality manufacturing processes ABB is known for.

With modular mechanical construction and electrical designs, the AMI 5800 by ABB is a dependable driver of new equipment packages or a stress-free solution for replacing existing machines with the latest motor technology.
The AMI 5800 Was Designed with YOU in Mind
  • Created for the North American market to deliver a rugged and versatile machine
  • Engineered as a modular design to customize features and accessories without unnecessary options
  • Constructed with welded, high-strength steel frame to improve longevity and reliability
  • Backed with decades of experienced Reliance® engineers
  • Supported by ABB’s Large Motors salesforce that’s committed to you

Key benefits

Reduce operating costs by utilizing energy efficiency that meets or exceeds NEMA electrical and mechanical performance values

Mitigate downtime with a robust and durable machine that lasts through the harshest conditions

Rely on adaptability with a versatile modular construction suitable for anything from clean rooms to mineral offloading conveyors

Improve your sustainability standards by using less electricity

Main features
General features
Output power: Up to 1750 HP
Frame size: 5810 – 5812
Number of poles: 2 to 8
Voltage: 460, 2300/4160, 6600 V
Frequency: 50/60 Hz DOL, VSD
Service Factor: DOL = B @ 1.0SF / F @ 1.15SF, VSD = 1.0 @ F rise
Insulation Class: F
Cooling: WPI, WPII, TEAAC, TEWAC (IC01, IC611, IC81W)
Protection: IP23 (WPI), IP24W (WPII), IP55 (TEAAC & TEWAC)
Shaft heights: NEMA frame 5800, 14.5” (368.5mm)
Bearings: Antifriction & Sleeve
Mounting: Horizontal
Standards: NEMA MG 1, CSA
Explosive area classification: Class I, Division 2
Noise level: 82 +3 dB(A) (up to 77 + 3 dB(A) possible with silencer)
Quality assurance: ISO 9001, ISO 14001
Design lifetime: 25 years (20,000 starts per lifetime)
Internal cooling: Asymmetrical
Direction of rotation: Unidirectional for 2-pole, Bidirectional for 4-pole and above
Vibration level: Grade A or B
Standard paint system: C3
Stator: Form wound
Micadur Compact Industry (MCI) insulation system
Magnetic slot wedges
Rotor: Fabricated Aluminum bar as standard (Copper or Copper alloy bar available)
Bars fixed to slots by swaging
Rotor balanced with half key acc. ISO 1940/1
Critical speeds: > Maximum nominal speed (for all speeds)

Power Generation
Chemical, Oil & Gas
Mining and Minerals
Pulp and Paper


Centrifugal Pumps

Built to keep moving

Quality Assurance

ISO 9001
ISO 14001

Design lifetime

25 years
20,000 starts per lifetime

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