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ABB will help keep DONG Energy’s wind turbines running.

DONG Energy is Denmark’s largest energy company and the largest owner and operator of offshore wind turbines in the world. Many of these, particularly the 3.6 megawatt turbines, utilize ABB generators.   

DONG traditionally relied on the turbine original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to provide service for the various components involved. However, as part of a process of improving its asset management, DONG was interested in dealing directly with the key component OEMs. For such an arrangement to work, DONG needed partners that would provide a high level of service, reliability and dependability.

Rasmus K. Stenderup, sales manager for ABB Motors and Generators Service in Denmark, met representatives of DONG at a wind trade fair in Hamburg, Germany in 2013 and was then introduced to the company’s supply chain manager. It emerged that many of DONG’s turbines have ABB generators inside.

“A generator is a large asset, so you don’t want to scrap it when it becomes defective,” Stenderup explains. “Our repair loop solution involves putting a new generator into the turbine straight away when problems arise, and then repairing the broken one so that it can be used again.”

ABB also provided technical information and training on the ABB components in the wind turbines.

DONG can quickly replace a faulty generator with a new or renovated one, which saves money. The agreement helps DONG maximize uptime for its wind turbines, so that DONG can produce more energy and increase revenue. The agreement focuses on providing DONG with short, precise lead times for repairs and products. These quick and predictable lead times are crucial for supporting DONG’s supply chain management for its main assets, wind turbines.

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