Malting process upgraded with Baldor motors and gearing products

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Malteurop North America

Malteurop North America’s malting plant in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA produces 220,000 tons of malt per year. Malt is the main ingredient in beer and is produced by soaking grain in water, allowing it to germinate and then drying it to prevent any more growth. In addition to beer, malt from Malteurop’s Milwaukee facility is used in the production of bourbon and malt whisky.

The malting process is a very harsh environment for electrical and mechanical equipment. Malting requires high levels of humidity, with extensive cleaning and sanitation of the malting beds between batches. In spite of these conditions, the equipment has to be extremely reliable: malting is a time-critical process and once started it cannot be delayed because of an equipment breakdown. 

When Malteurop decided to upgrade one of their malt houses in Milwaukee, a main priority was to ensure the equipment they chose would meet these challenges. They settled on a combination of Baldor motors and gearing products that are designed for high corrosion resistance and moisture protection (see details below).

Baldor’s local office provided engineering support during the project. The products had to be engineered to withstand the harsh process conditions, and they also needed to be retro-fitted on the existing production equipment. Baldor supplied the motors and gearboxes preassembled, avoiding the need for assembly work on-site.

Malteurop have stated that the upgrade has been a success, with the equipment from Baldor helping them to achieve improved performance and reliability while saving energy.

Baldor•Reliance® SSE™ Stainless Steel Super-E® motor

  • all-stainless construction, including housing, conduit box and end plates
  • impervious to rust and deterioration caused by high-pressure sanitizing
  • premium external and internal bearing protection to prevent water from entering
  • E3 Effusion Epoxy Encapsulation™ process protects windings against moisture

Baldor•Reliance® RPM AC® motor

  • wide speed range
  • continuous constant torque to zero speed

Dodge® Quantis® E-Z Kleen gear reducer

  • 13-step coating system for high corrosion resistance
  • two-piece, harsh-duty sealing system

 Dodge® Imperial™ bearing

  • unique adapter mounting system for easy installation and removal
  • triple-lip sealing system

 Dodge® Motorized Torque-Arm™ (MTA)

  • totally sealed and enclosed
  • easy, straightforward installation

The Baldor products and solutions in this article are available under the ABB brand in regions outside the USA.

Baldor Electric Co is a member of the ABB Group.

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