High tech feed mill equipped with motors and gearing products supplied by ABB

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Kansas State University

The O.H. Kruse Feed Technology Innovation Center is a state-of-the-art research unit at Kansas State University. Officially opened in October 2013, the center includes production, teaching and research facilities.

Leading OEMs in the grain sector made a major contribution to the construction of the center, donating equipment worth almost $3 million. Baldor Reliance® motors and Dodge® gearing products – supplied by ABB – are used extensively in the center’s equipment.

Companies participating in the project included ASI-Industrial, which acted as subcontractor for construction of the main tower and was responsible for approving and installing equipment in the facility; Screw Conveyor Corporation, which delivered screw conveyors and screw feeders; Intersystems, which supplied self-cleaning drag conveyors and a 12-bin vitamin and mineral dispensing system; and SCAFCO, which contributed bucket elevators and a 700,000 liter grain bin.

The OEMs cited many different reasons for specifying Baldor Reliance® and Dodge® motors and gearing products for their equipment. The main benefits are summarized below.

Baldor Reliance® Super-E® premium efficient motors

  • NEMA Premium® efficient electrical design provides excellent energy savings
  • Motors run cooler, longer and with better reliability

Baldor Reliance® explosion-proof motors

  • Used in hazardous environments within the center – areas where combustible dust is present all or some of the time.
  • Full cast iron construction with corrosion-resistant epoxy finish delivers reliability and a long operating life

Dodge® Motorized Torque-Arm II® (MTA) gear reducers

  • No belts or guards needed, so MTAs are easy to install and safer
  • More than 1.8 million units in service means proven dependability
  • Reducers combine compact, space-saving design with ease of maintenance
  • Patented twin tapered bushing system eliminates fretting corrosion and reducer wobble

Dodge® Quantis® Right-Angle Helical Bevel (RHB) reducers

  • Reducers provide greater torque density in a compact housing
  • Self-sealed units mean less maintenance

 Dodge® Imperial® bearing

  • Patented “push/pull” adapter system makes for easy installation
  • Patented sealing system keeps lubrication in and contaminants out

The Baldor products and solutions in this article are available under the ABB brand in regions outside the USA.

Baldor Electric Co is a member of the ABB Group.

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