Non-sparking synchronous direct-on-line 4 and 6 poles motors

Equipment protection level Gc for zones 1 and 2

ABB offers a wide range of synchronous motors for variable speed or constant speed applications. Our motors are tailor-made within a standard design to meet specific customer needs, application demands and grid characteristics. High performance and good cost efficiency are achieved through optimal utilization of active materials

Synchronous motors from ABB has been deliver to all type of applications throughout the world for decades. The design and performance is constantly updated to reflect new available technologies and field experience, safety and reliability is always prioritized in this evolutionary process. The commitment from ABB go beyond the delivery of the synchronous motor and includes project management, maintenance services, life expectancy, predictive monitoring and upgrade services, global support from local centers.

ABB offers synchronous motors according to the Ex nA protection principle. This motor design prevent sparks and hot surfaces inside and outside of machine enclosure in normal operation. ABB have long experience on this type of motor design showing good reliability and safety performance.
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