High voltage rib cooled motors, NXR, technical data


  • High power density for more watts per kilogram than ever before with rib cooled designs
  • High efficiency for reduced cost of running
  • Rigid, weight-optimized frame is engineered to minimize vibration
  • Built-in serviceability features to reduce downtime and cost of not running
  • Compact size for smaller overall installations
  • Interchangeable terminal boxes reduce need for spare motors
  • Versions optimized for VSD operation can deliver even higher efficiency
  • Designed for easy deployment of ABB condition monitoring systems
  • Verified protection level up to IP66 allows instalations in demanding environments
Output power
100 to 1250 kW
Frame size
IEC 355 to 450
Number of poles
2 to 12
10 and 12 poles available for shaft height 400
Up to 11 500 V
50/60 Hz, VSD
IC411, IC416
IP55 (Optionally IP56, IP65 and IP66)
Enclosure material
Cast iron
Motor type
Mounting type
IEC (Electrically NEMA feature available)
VSDs ABB LV drives ACS 800, ACS 880
ABB MV drives ACS 1000, ACS 2000
ABB’s high voltage rib cooled motors, type NXR, are completing the ABB’s full range of high voltage rib cooled motors used world wide in various applications and industries.

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