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Technical data of ABB high voltage modular induction motors

Based on a modular design-and-build principle, each component and design detail of ABB high voltage modular induction motors is engineered and manufactured to maximize performance and provide a low cost of ownership over a long and productive operating life. 

Efficient cooling system: Key benefit from ABB High voltage modular induction motors

Efficient cooling is vital for peak motor performance in all ambient operating conditions. ABB offers a variety of symmetrical and asymmetrical cooling systems to match operational requirements. They range from weather-protected open ventilated systems to totally enclosed systems fitted with air-to-air or air-to-water coolers. 

Output power 140 to 28,500 kW at 50 Hz
200 to 38,000 HP at 60 Hz
Frame size IEC 400 to 1,000
Shaft heights for NEMA: 17 to 44.1
Number of poles 2 to 24
2-Pole for sizes 400-800
Voltages 380 to 13,800 V
Frequency 50 Hz, 60 Hz, VSD
Environment IP23, IP54, IP55, IP56, IP66, IPW24
Enclosure type
IC01, IC611, IC81W
Enclosure material Fabricated steel
Motor type AMI, NMI, NMH
Mounting type Horizontal or vertical
Standards IEC, NEMA, country and customer specific standards and specifications
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