High voltage rib cooled motors

ABB high voltage rib cooled motors provide the benefits of a small size with high power density, high reliability, efficiency and easy maintenance. Rib cooled motors offer easy configurability and built-in serviceability throughout the product life cycle. Our rib cooled motors are available for both direct on line (DOL) and variable speed drive (VSD) for an even higher efficiency.

Our rib cooled motors are a high efficiency solution for a wide range of applications and industry segments. Rib cooled motors are commonly used in applications such as pumps, fans, blowers, compressors, conveyors, saws and mills. Industries, where rib cooled motors are most commonly used are mining, water, metals, chemical and pulp and paper.

Key benefits

  • Available for variable speed drives (VSD), and thus allowing even higher energy savings
  • Safe operation in even the harshest of conditions - high protection level, IP class up to IP66
  • Safe area motors can be equipped with digital Smart Sensor, allowing easy access to motor main characteristics
  • Optimized and effective cooling allow longer lifetime for bearings and longer lubrication intervals.
  • Built-in configurability enables shorter delivery times
  • Built-in serviceability enables efficient maintenance reducing downtime and costs
Rib cooled motor
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